Privacy Policy

About collection of personal information

Personal information of necessity minimum is collected by the following reason in this Website.

  • Question to this Website
  • Application of service about this Website

About the use purpose of personal information

This Website uses the personal information collected from consumer at the following destination.

  • Contact to consumer
  • Answer to the question from consumer
  • Servicing to consumer

Offer and disclosure to a third party of the personal information

In principle, without obtaining the prior consent of the applicant, the personal information is not offered or disclosed to a third party with the exception of the circumstances outlined below.The personal information acquired from consumer isn't elucidated for a third person in this Website.

  • When the applicant agrees.
  • When the request from the police or government offices.
  • Cases in which the handling of personal information is based on laws and regulations.

About elucidation and correction of personal information

When Consumer requested elucidation of self information, correction and elimination, this Website deals certainly.